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Not sure how or where to find resources you can trust?

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In a collaborative effort by The Choose Kindness Project, comprising of 22 of the nation’s leading organizations and experts, the Bullying & Mental Health Playbooks for Parents & Caregivers has been developed. These playbooks are aimed at aiding adults in assisting children and teens affected by bullying, comprehending its adverse effects on their mental health, and equipping them with the knowledge to raise empathetic and considerate children.

Playbooks for Parents

How to Help a Child Stop Bullying Other Kids

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Parents Playbook 2

How to Support the Development of Kindness and Empathy in Our Youth

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Parents Playbook 3

What to Expect in the Playbooks

  • Warning signs – what does bullying look like and when is it not bullying?
  • Age-specific details relevant to your child’s situation
  • Risk factors for bullying or being bullied
  • Action plans, conversation starters, definitions
  • Strategies to support your child
  • Developing kindness and empathy in your child
  • Resources to work with schools and other supports

Counterproductive Advice Examples

It can be difficult to find the right words to say. That’s why these Parent Playbooks offer various expert-backed information to assist you in effectively supporting your child.

“Just get along”

This may work for some teens, but for the ones who really need the message, it’s just not that simple.

“It’s part of growing up”

Your child has reached out for assistance. Acknowledge their courage in sharing this with you.

“Ignore them, they’ll stop”

If bullying continues, it can further harm your child’s mental health.

Addressing Cyberbullying

Bullying, such as threats, harassment, or humiliation, that occurs digitally is considered cyberbullying.

  • How can you spot cyberbullying
  • Examples of cyberbullying
  • How teens talk about cyberbullying

88% of teens say the home is the most effective place to learn kindness, compassion and inclusivity

The 2022 Choose Kindness Project Survey, conducted by Ipsos

Using the Playbooks to Move to a Brighter Future

All of the Playbooks help you take the steps towards a brighter future with your child, but in the third Playbook, we put particular emphasis on the proactive steps parents and caregivers can take with their kids to build a culture of kindness, empathy and upstanding in all of the places where children gather.

Looking for Something Different?

The FAQs offer an excellent starting point to begin addressing any questions you may have right now.

Check out the resource finder: it is full of expert-approved resources and searchable by role and specific topic, including resources geared towards particular identity groups.

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