Communities in Action

Creating Inclusive Communities

Across the country, communities are working together to help young people create the futures they imagine. Read their stories below to learn more about how they are building connections and championing kindness.

Bradley Evans uses emojis to explore empathy with his students

Bradley Evans, a K-8 teacher and guidance counselor, works with to enact a LearnKind curriculum that helps his students build connection and empathy towards each other.

Ke’sean inspires hope and dignity by clothing those in need

When Ke’sean, a Baltimore Gamechanger with Get in The Game, was asked, “What does kindness mean to you?” he answered by taking action sparking a community to grow closer together as they tackled clothing insecurity head-on.


New York students learn how to work as a community

Lions Quest helped one school district incorporate lessons on stress, peer pressure and bullying when they recognized the critical importance of mental health education for both students and teachers.

Keeping an Open Dialogue

When asked how their day was, 77% of parents say their child responds with “fine.” But we know more is going on. Open up a conversation and build the trusting relationship they need.

Beyond “Fine”: Tools and Guidance to Help Families Have Quality Conversations

Discover resources and conversation guides to help establish trust, model empathy, and foster open communication.

Get trusted support when you need it most

Find actionable resources from The Choose Kindness Alliance — a coalition of the nation’s leading nonprofit organizations focusing on mental wellness, bullying prevention and intentional inclusion.

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