The Choose Kindness Project Survey

The Choose Kindness Project survey, conducted by Ipsos, asked over 2,500 parents what they see their child experiencing, whether they have the resources to help and where they turn to for advice. The survey also asked 800 young people about their experiences with bullying and their discussion and interactions with parents and other adults.

Key findings include:

  • One-third of teens surveyed say that they have been bullied in the past year. 
  • Nearly 40% of teens surveyed find it challenging to talk to their parents when they’re struggling with loneliness and exclusion.
  • Nearly one in three parents surveyed do not feel they have the resources to deal with bullying issues. 
  • 83% of parents surveyed say they’ve turned to teachers or others at their child’s school for resources if their child was involved in bullying.
  • Of the 30% of teens surveyed who say they have been bullied, bullying was identified as having a major impact on their mental health and confidence.  
  • 39% of teens surveyed say they learn kindness, compassion and inclusivity by participating on a sports team.

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