Grant Funding

The Choose Kindness Project Grant Funding

The Choose Kindness Project Alliance grant funding, supported by ABC, ESPN and The Walton Family Foundation, are investments to expand and enhance the services of the Alliance members to new communities, fill programmatic gaps and spark new collaborations to support innovative approaches to assisting youth, families, communities and coaches.

Here are examples of some of the most recent grants.

Program Desert Grants

  • Act to Change will expand their Homeroom Anti Bullying workshops to underserved communities across the U.S., where students will share their experiences, learn how to respond directly to bullying and to engage their schools in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all.
  • ADL will broaden the reach of the Echoes & Reflections program, which aims to secure fair treatment to all, by providing resources to teachers with limited access to professional development and quality resources.
  • The New Communities Project from Facing History & Ourselves will equip underserved teachers and students in geographically isolated communities with the tools to address bullying, hate and bias in their schools and communities.
  • Get in the Game will establish five new clubs which help students learn to recognize inequities, engage in meaningful dialogue, embrace diversity and become champions for change in their communities.
  • Making Caring Common will broaden the Circle of Concern program to five under-resourced middle and high schools to increase the number of teens anchored by strong, positive relationships with adults resulting in greater positive well-being among students.
  • Lion’s Club will expand the Communities Choosing Kindness program to enable middle school youth in low income communities to develop pro-social leadership skills.
  • The National School Climate Center’s Communities of Courage will train students to engage in bully prevention interventions and also create campaigns to engage students, teachers and families.


Innovation and Collaboration Grants

  • Welcoming Schools and ADL are collaborating on the creation of a youth-centered video and related educational materials that help students to challenge bias in themselves, others and society; reflect on their own identities and the identities of others; and consider ways to act as an ally in bullying situations.
  • Facing History and Ourselves and Making Caring Common are launching the Caring and Equity Idea Lab, which will convene leaders and stakeholders for monthly online workshops and a speaker series to encourage the development of new ideas and leverage the collective expertise and organizational capacity of Alliance members to help actualize well formulated ideas. The organizations also will develop a series of classroom materials for educators, paired with companion resources for parents, that aid discussion of contemporary issues and current events in real-time.
  •, the National School Climate Center and Welcoming Schools are coming together to create the Kids KindBase, a database with acts of kindness, rated by approximately 2,000 children ages 5-17 across the U.S. Insights will generate evidence-based guidance and recommended acts for children, parents, educators, and all practitioners working with kids.
  • Lion’s Club is accelerating the scale, scope and reach of support provided to low income and under-served communities by creating and expanding resources for bullying prevention, positive school climate as well as student and teacher mental health. The program is expected to impact 500 schools, 200,000 young people, and 8,000 caring adults through outreach, resource development and implementation, engagement of parents and community-based partners as well as volunteer service activities for Lions Clubs volunteers.
  • Positive Coaching Alliance and the National School Climate Center are creating Athletes with Courage, a student-led, data-driven collaboration to address bullying. Students-athletes will develop and lead campaigns targeted at raising awareness of bullying prevention and building a positive culture in their communities, which have the potential to reach thousands of young people, coaches and adults in their communities.

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