Educator and Coach Toolkit

Mental Wellness

Build your understanding of the relationship between mental wellness and bullying. Explore learning activities that help start the conversation about mental wellness with students, and download customizable communications for extending the conversation with families.

1 in 5

Among teens who have been bullied, 1 in 5 have been told to kill themselves.

Anger & Sadness

Anger and sadness are the most common emotions teens feel after being bullied.


65% of teens say bullying impacts their mental health.

The 2022 Choose Kindness Project Survey, conducted by Ipsos

Build your Understanding

Understand the relationship between mental wellness and bullying

Explore NAMI’s Youth and Young Adult Resources to learn about mental health and to access free activities. Check out The State of Mental Health for Youth of Color 2022 from The AAKOMA Project, which focuses on the mental health needs and experiences of youth of color.

Begin the Conversation with Students

Introduce the concept of wellness

Special Olympics Unified Classroom is designed for students of all abilities, grades K-12, and ensures the core themes of Special Olympics are embedded into your current classroom setting. Explore the wellness package to find videos, discussions, and lessons that will help your students build their foundational understanding of mental wellness.

Check in regularly

Offering a daily check-in survey is a quick, easy way to learn about students’ wellness in real time. Adapt the Classroom Check-In Survey from Harvard University Graduate Schools of Education’s Making Caring Common Project to fit your needs and the ages of your students.

Embed daily activities that support mental wellness

NAMI’s Mental Health & Wellness Moments for Educators proposes a simple weekly flow of activities you can use with students to enhance their emotional well-being.

Begin the Conversation with Families

Share a Week of Wellness

Customize a memo to families to introduce them to A Week of Wellness from NAMI, a simple weekly flow of discussion prompts and activities that help families support their children’s mental wellness.

Introduce 10 Questions on a Tuesday

Tailor a note to families to share 10 Questions on a Tuesday, a weekly check-in for parents and caregivers created by NAMI. The resource contains 16 discussion prompts that help families develop strategies for supporting their child’s mental wellness.

Explore another collection

Check out other helpful resources

We have many other resources available to you beyond the Educator and Coach Toolkit. Just a couple options to get started:

Check out the Parent Playbooks
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Emergency Services

Call 911

Emergency: 911

Mental Health Crisis

Call 988

Mental Health Crisis: 988